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Environmake (Blender Addon) - Create 360 Displaced Spheres from Textures

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Environmake is a Blender addon that makes simple 3D environments in seconds! You input an equirectangular texture with a depth map, and watch it make a displaced sphere around the camera.

Note: This addon does not generate the textures, these must be provided! It has been tested in Blender 3.4.1 on Windows. Let me know what you experience elsewhere!


  1. Download the addon’s .py file.
  2. Open Blender, go to Edit > Preferences.
  3. In the Preferences window, navigate to the Add-ons tab.
  4. Click the Install button and select the downloaded .py file.
  5. Enable the addon by checking the checkbox next to its name.


Once the addon is installed and enabled, you’ll find a new panel in the 3D Viewport’s N panel, under the “Environmake” tab.

Step 1: Load your images

In the addon panel, you’ll see two fields: “Equirectangular Texture” and “Depth Map”.

  • Equirectangular Texture: Click the folder icon to load your equirectangular image. This will be used as the base texture for your environment.
  • Depth Map: Click the folder icon to load a depth map for your environment. This will be used to create the displacement.

Step 2: Choose a shading mode

Select a shading mode from the dropdown menu:

  • Emission: The equirectangular texture’s color information will be used as an emission shader. This option will use your texture as-is, making it impervious to any lights or shadows in your scene. This is best if you don’t want to change anything or fiddle around with lights in your scene.
  • Base Color: The equirectangular texture’s color information will be used as a base color for the material. Choose this option if you want to use further lights to influence the environment. But be aware: if you have any shadows baked into your texture, they won’t change. Of course.

Step 3: Generate the environment

Click the “Generate” button to create your 3D environment. The addon will generate a 360 panoramic sphere with displacement based on your equirectangular texture and depth map.

Watch me create a VR environment with this addon and the Stable Diffusion AI!


Congratulations! You’re now ready to create stunning 3D environments using the Environmake addon for Blender. I hope this tool helps you bring your projects to life and opens up new possibilities in your creative journey. Happy blending!

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Environmake (Blender Addon) - Create 360 Displaced Spheres from Textures

22 ratings
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